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Principal of the Suryadatta Law College, is former HOD and Deputy Director, Seedling School of Law and Governance, Jaipur National University Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has authored books “Law and Social Transformation in India and “Dand Prakriya,Kishor Nyay avam Apradhi Pariveeksha Adhiniyam“.

He has published more than 24 research papers in National and International Journals and as chapters in edited law  books. He has been editor for Law Magazines and Law Reporter published from Jodhpur. He has been a research guide for 06 Ph.D. scholars and more than 44 LL.M students for their  Dissertation. Under his guidance one Ph.D thesis has been on “Exploitation of Outer space and Future Challenges”.

He has presided over several law  seminars, conferences, and symposiums as Chairman of sessions, Resource person and Keynote speaker and Judge in the final and semifinals of Moot Court Competitions at national and state  level. He is a recipient of the ” Best Research Paper Award“given at Symbiosis University Noida. He has  delivered online lectures on Research Methodology to Ph.D. scholars at Maharshi University, Noida.

He  has Teaching and Administrative Experience of more than 22 years in field of law and 20 years of technical and administrative experience in the  Indian Air Force as Junior Warrant Officer. His latest research paper is published in a book “Doctrine of Basic Structure – Revisiting Kesavananda Bharati Verdict”  by National Law University and Judicial Academy Assam.

Prof (Dr). Mithilesh Vishwakarma 

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