Message from Principal

Dear Students

I am deeply delighted to welcome  you all to the Suryadatta Education Foundation’s Suryadatta Law College the recipient of Pride of Bharat Award 2023, and the J.P. National Award 2023 for its outstanding performance in the state of Maharashtra.

SEF’s Suryadatta  Law College  is all set and well equipped to groom you as a legal professional to face the challenges not only at National  but at International level too. It is a matter of pride for all of us that the Suryadata Education Foundation provides multidiscipline excellent  educational  ambience  for holistic development of students.

With the passage of time, life of human beings has become more sophisticated. Utilization of cyber space and Artificial Intelligence has jeopardized the personal security of man and peaceful existence of human society. Though adoption of  latest technology in almost all walks of life has increased the  accuracy and efficiency of human performances but has adversely affected the rights of  people and just existence of environment. Difference of opinion and conflict of interests in the era of e-commerce ,e- contract and cashless transactions have exposed the people to cyber crimes. The working of people in any sector of public life equipped with technology is bound to bring  dispute and disagreements among them thus requiring a legally qualified and trained person to guide, safeguard or protect the right or interest of sufferers be it human beings or flora and fauna. At such critical juncture of socio-political and socio-economic conditions and environment , society in general expects legal professionals or legally qualified persons to resolve the disputes and help establishing harmonious society. So I wish you be a social and environment justice ambassador .

Again I wish, you excel in your studies and career to the fullest extent while you are with us in SEF’s Suryadatta Law College.


with best wishes

Affectionately Yours
Principal, SLC

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